Listen-Along: “Untrue”



1) Archangel


Jackson Scott: Crackle crackle.

TP: What could it all mean?

JS: 1, 2. 1, 2. 1,2.

TP: If you’re gonna use one drum loop, better make sure it’s a good one.

JS: Burial is amazing at that. Anybody else bobbing in their seat?

TP: He’s also really good at making voices sound like they’re melting. I’m looking forlornly at the rain as it slowly slides down the windowpane.

Michael Frett: Echoes, too?

JS: Not Untrue.

MF: Because he seems pretty fond of echoes.

JS: Not sure echoes is the right word, but I’ll get back to you on what I think that feeling is.

TP: Whatever, this album is all about dat bass.

JS: Actually, yeah. It may be.

TP: There’s that rain again, never trust it.

JS: Mesmerizing.

TP: Dude comes out guns blazing on this thing. He’s all “yo, this right here is what’s happening”.

2) Near Dark

TP: Ok, the drum’s different. Oh gosh the vocals on this thing. I can’t take my ears off ’em. This album is coming off a lot darker than I remember it being. Never played it this loudly before, though.

JS: This record is perfect at being emotional as well as completely nonchalant.

TP: I envy the guy.

JS: It’s the album you listen to in the rain on a bus home after getting fired or dumped. And just want to disappear.

TP: I think the rhythm section helps a lot with that.

JS: Yeah.

TP: It’s very organic but sounds mechanical. CONTRADICTIONS.

MF: It’s the rhythm section that’s actually sticking with me. I enjoy the whole simple beat thing. Subtle but stands out.

JS: Yeah, for sure.

TP: It’s very insistent even though it sounds like it’s trying hard to catch up. Something something off-beats.

JS: Like it’s trying to catch… a bus.

TP: Busrial.

JS: #syncopation

3) Ghost Hardware

TP: I forgot how all these songs are kinda winners. Lots of very interesting iterations on a theme.

JS: I’ve been listening to a lot of his 2-song EPs lately, so it’s cool to hear the ol’ 4 minute song thing.

MF: I like how there’s an echo that sticks with the songs as they go on. It’s otherworldly.

TP: These songs don’t stop. Except at the end.

JS: But at the same time, totally profane. It’s more of a tunnel sound. Namean?

TP: I can’t imagine ever listening to this on a sunny day.

JS: Might be interesting to do.

TP: Sacrilege.

JS: See if it changes the context.

TP: I can guarantee my head’ll still be nodding.

JS: I was under the impression Burial sang some of his stuff. I guess that it speaks to how well he makes sampled voices all sound similar.

TP: It’s a great aesthetic. Especially given the varied source material.

4) Endorphin

TP: The vocals on this album need to go into a museum somewhere.

MF: It’s like club beats too far gone to hear.

TP: Climbin’ out da k hole.

JS: Memories of club beats dance in our heads.

TP: DON’T HATE ME FOR IT but I get kind of a Boards of Canada feel from this track. Kinda nostalgic but warped in a way.

JS: That makes sense. Isn’t nostalgia just warped memory?

TP: :O



5) Etched Headplate

TP: This is my favorite song on the album. DAT BASS.

JS: Oi oi oi.

TP: Heaven almighty.

JS: Dat beat. What IS that even? Filthy wobbles.

TP: This is such a perfect beat.

JS: Very natural yet mechanical. I sense a theme.

TP: The bassss. And I like how the vocals have more of a melody to them. This feels to me like a more traditional song given the Burial treatment.

MF: I was actually going to say something about the melody.

TP: Not that the other songs suffer for it at all, but this song really speaks to me for some reason.

MF: I’d say this one’s probably my favorite on here so far.

JS: I just read that some of these vocals are friends of his singing over the phone.

MF: Sounds kind of like a ghost of a pop song.

JS: Yeah. Totally that.

TP: That’s why it’s so haunting! Ha cha cha chaaa!

JS: And if you look at the liner notes, that’s totally actually what a lot of this album is. We’ve already heard a Christina Aguilera sample and Beyonce is yet to come.


MF: Yeah, that sample list is pretty out there.

JS: Also, Aaliyah. Rest in peace.

TP: Pour some out.

JS: Pour’d.

TP: Then rock the boat.

JS: Rock’d.

6) In McDonalds

JS: This is a terrifying McDonalds.

TP: Where I’m from, the McDonalds just sounds like disappointment.

JS: Where are all the people? Oh no. I’m alone at McDonalds.

MF: Guys, this Big Mac doesn’t taste like a Big Mac.


JS: I’m tired and I wanna go home. But I haven’t eaten all day and there’s many miles to go.

MF: Guys, my shake tastes like distortion.

TP: We love to see you skulk.

JS: I thought you were going to say something about how this is shaking your tastes.

7) Untrue

TP: Skateboards or tape decks or train tracks. I can’t tell. Drums’re back though.

MF: Hear the gnarly wipeout? Them were skates.

JS; But it’s nighttime. Forever.

TP: Shaka, brah. I like this song a lot too.beyonce-pics-0

JS: This is the Beyonce sample, by the way.

TP: Usually it’s the vocals that push these songs from “awesome” to “stuck somewhere in my head forever”. Much props to Beyonce.

MF: Beyonce, you sound different.

TP: Feelin’ a little off today.

JS: It’s a Beyonce cover of a Curtis Mayfield song, I believe.

MF: The wikipedias tell me Curtis Mayfield co-wrote the song.

JS: Performed by Victoria Beckham. Yeah. This is definitely a liner-notes album.

MF: Yeah, the samples list alone is fascinating. Between the Beyonce and the Metal Gear Solid OST.

TP: Can’t I just watch all the interviews with Burial talking about this record?

JS: No.

TP: Hell yeah MGS. I knew there was a reason I liked this Burial chap so much.

JS: And Alien 3?

TP: Well, I still think he’s pretty cool I guess.

MF: Bullet Boy DVD cast interviews?

8) Shell of Light

TP: IT’S YA BOI. Ok dang this song is also awesome. What the Hell.

JS: There’s a reason this is called drum ‘n bass. Geeez.

TP: I’m trying to think of creative ways to say how much I like these songs. Mostly they’re just really really good.

JS: This is like a ray…or…shell… if you will… of light after a rainstorm.

TP: Can I hear the ocean in it?

JS: If you wish. Shout out to my grrrl Ciara.


JS: Actually, MF Doom did that in 1999.


JS: Like, actually though. Look up Operation: Doomsday.

9) Dog Shelter

TP: Burial’s writing this to you in reverse.

MF: Where are the… um… dogs?

JS: This must be a dog shelter in Heaven.

TP: Someone better call a hearse.

JS: Crackle crackle.

TP: Pop pop.

JS: SNAPBACK. Poppin’ in to a street chapel on the way home from a rough day. Because the chapel is a shelter. And YOU’RE the dog.

TP: Ah! Quite an ending to that song.

10) Homeless

MF: Someone should really get that record player checked out. It’s all scratchy.

TP: The plattah’s me mum’s from back in the day.

JS: It’s how it’s spose ta sound.

MF: And now I don’t even know what it is.

JS: Homeless.

TP: This song sounds threatening in a way.

JS: Yeah. But not violent.

TP: A little more confrontational.

JS: Just uncomfortable.

TP: VERBAL ABUSE IS STILL ABUSE.artworks-000037584432-6688t4-crop

JS: I mean, yeah.

TP: Burial wouldn’t hurt a fly. Just sample it and make it sound all woogly.

JS: Make it immortal through the power of tunes. Also, Burial refers to all of his music as “tunes”. If you didn’t know.

TP: As well he should.



JS: Damn you Skrillex.

MF: That’s my air-bleeping. This is infinitely more engaging than anything I’ve ever heard from Skrillex.

TP: Skrillex did an EP that sounds hella like this, which is kinda funny. Snake eating its own tail kinda thing.

JS: Yeah, I’ve heard. Weird how genres develop in different contexts.

MF: Guess he just needed to… dubstep-up his game!


11) UK

JS: United Kingdom.

MF: I heard you like house music, so here’s some of that but not really at all.

TP: Plink plink plink plonk plonk plonk.

JS: #repetition

MF: Guys, that was pretty.

TP: I believe that was also pretty too. As well.

JS: It was pretty… pretty.

TP: >:(

12) Raver

TP: We skate to one song and one song only.

JS: Count off. Glow sticks.

TP: Dang Burial, you done got pretty.

MF: This is, like, a really dance-able song.

JS: I’d say all of this album kind of is. At least skeletally.

TP: This one sounds way more like traditional “dance” music though. But I agree. It’s an interesting change-up.

JS: Like. Perhaps. A RAVE song.

TP: Because this still sounds a ton like Burial.

MF: About a RAVER?

JS: End on an upbeat note. But still a bit melancholy. And lonely.

TP: And fownky.

JS: And soulful. Souwl. Speechless.