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Ian Neal

I enjoy rock musics from the folk-y/indie to the psychedelic to the heavy, and I like raps with interesting rhymes. Also, jazz is cool.



Jackson Scott

Music is fun because it grabs our attention and makes us see differently. I like all kinds of music, but my primary ‘genres’ of expertise are: jazz, hip-hop, folk and blues, early hardcore punk movements, extreme metal, experimental electronica, drone, noise, and Avant-garde music such as free improvisation and musique concrete. I also have a deep appreciation and love for post-Internet music such as vaporwave. For hearing_double, I write a column called Free Space, which examines different perspectives on music as an art and a process; although I often feature experimental releases, I also consider ‘pop’ as an effective medium for experimentation. I maintain that all (kinds of) music(s) have value and that form does not necessarily equal function. In general, I much prefer music that breaks rules, challenges conceptions, redirects my attention, and makes me think over music that plays it safe. Although I am a tough critic, appraisal is always better than dismissal and I try to reflect that in my writing. Thanks for reading!

Jackson is now a writer over at Tiny Mix Tapes.



 Kyle Matthews

I am a prog enthusiast which includes prog rock (classic and modern) and progressive metal. I am also a fan of indie, classic rock, punk, metal (not including nu-metal), hardcore, post-hardcore, emo (once in a while), math rock, alternative, and some screamo.



Matt Bertram

Hey there, everyone! My name’s Matthew. You can call me Matt, Matty, Titanium Flex, whatever you want. I love music, it’s my number one passion. I love all types of music, and I am pretty much an open book to anything. But, if we’re picking favorites, I like: modal jazz, jazz-rock, classic rock, psychedelia jazz, bebop, hard-bop, thrash metal, death metal, shoegaze, ambient, dark ambient, drone, and noise.



Michael Frett

I can’t really hide it: I was born into a world of rock music. I love everything from Chuck Berry to Black Flag; from rockabilly to heavy metal. Otherwise, I stake a pretty heavy interest in folk music and the blues. I also like the hip-hops and the pops, as well as the countrys and the souls. Experimental’s a little iffy to me, but I’m slowly-but-surely finding my way through that rabbit hole.

Music’s always had a sense of liberation to me, something that comes from that romanticized image of rock and roll and years spent with Springsteen records. The freedom that comes when someone channels their heart and soul, thoughts and emotions through song is beautiful. I guess that’s where my love of music really comes from.

I guess this is the part where I mention musical background? I’m an amateur guitar player who primarily plays rock, folk and blues. I also dabble in songwriting, ukuleles and harmonicas.



Sean Reichard

I’ve always gravitated towards rock music that came out in the 80s, 60s soul, 90s ‘indie’ or ‘alternative,’ 2000s stuff, swing/jazz music à la Billie Holiday and Fats Waller, 40s-60s jazz, a cabal of rap/hip-hop groups & MCs, etc.



Thomas Caleb Good

I have and always will be a huge metalhead. Recently, I decided there is more to music than just metal. Now, I am one of those guys who will give any genre or band a try. Some genres I tend to gravitated towards are: hip-hop, indie, pop, drone, noise, hardcore, punk, folk, and anything experimental or “out there”.



Tucker Phillips

I’m a fan of shoegaze, dream pop, ambient, noise, IDM, twee, space rock, early-90s hip-hop, Yo La Tengo, post-rock, and good songwriting.

I also record ambient music under the name The Slow Half.



I’m an audio junkie, whether it’s music or talk, I’m all about it. A possible side effect of being in the radio industry. I’m working on an active rock station and a Top 40 station, so to say I’m saturated with the trends of both genres is an understatement.

My musical heart doesn’t rest on any particular style. I lean more towards a classic two-to-four-piece set up, but as long as the craftsmanship is evident and the rhythm section is solid, a song can grab my attention. My personal musical background is in vocals, but ironically, I tend to not care as much about lyrics as long as the notes fit the instrumentals. The ability to perform live at a high level is also high on my list, because that’s where the legends are made.

I’m primarily the gatekeeper of the Double Jump Podcast, an hour of debauchery and semi-focused discussion on the video game industry. Feedback is always appreciated!