Red Dead Redemption 2: 100 Hours Later

It wasn’t because the images in front of me were stunningly picturesque – they were – but rather because I wanted to have something to look back on to recall the cathartic euphoria I was experiencing in that moment. I didn’t want to forget how awesome playing and experiencing that sequence first-hand felt. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced in a video game before. In no more than twenty minutes’ time, the set piece was over. With the gun smoke cleared and the dust settled, I regained control of Arthur after he made a few brief remarks to … Read More

Game Review: Subnautica

In my early teens I had a fascination with survival games. Something about them was inherently enamoring. I don’t know if it was the lack of direction, the continuous progression, or the flexible role playing that the genre offered, but I would gobble up any survival game I could. I would spend hours rifling through the Garry’s Mod server list just looking for a survival-based server to hop into in order to get my fix. I have since had a falling-out with the genre and haven’t really touched it since then. After playing Subnautica all these years later, I am reminded of … Read More

Game Review: Iconoclasts

There is a terrible bait-and-switch at the heart of Iconoclasts, the long-gestating game from Swedish developer Joakim Sandberg. For the first 3 hours, the game does everything it possibly can to convince you that it is a bad game. It got to a point early on where I dreaded even playing the game. I was stuck wandering around boilerplate environments solving simple puzzles in order to get crafting materials for extremely minor upgrades I didn’t need. The writing was a chore to get through, full of sentences that were unintentionally difficult to parse. I had no idea what my character’s ambitions … Read More

Listen Along: Boredoms – Super Ae

1) Super You : WELCOME TO THE MACHINE : OH GOD IS THIS MUSIC? : What is happening? What is going on? : LOUD NOISES : And so it was that the universe was created. : Did someone leave the fax machine on overnight? : The Earth’s crust cooled. : GUYS THAT WASTES INK : SO THIS IS WHAT COMPUTERS HEAR 24/7 : I think it’s jammed… : AOL had some problems connecting to the internet. Oh hey! Guitars. : Just gonna hold this old 98 Mac up to an amplifier for a bit. Don’t mind me. : DON’T WORRY … Read More

Game Review: Titan Souls

Have you ever discovered a deep-seated desire within yourself for a game that takes Shadow of the Colossus, Super Meat Boy, Fez, and just a dash of Legend of Zelda, and puts them all into a game-developing blender? Now you no longer have to lose sleep, because your saving grace is here in the form of Titan Souls! It’s you versus twenty bosses with only your bow and arrow! Sounds like a match made in heaven, right? Well, almost. The title “Titan Souls” unfortunately comes off as a misnomer. It suggests a close affiliation with the Dark Souls games when, in … Read More

Game Review: Hotline Miami 2

After about fifty consecutive attempts, I had finally succeeded. I was on the top floor of an apartment building as the camera panned toward my objective: a girl we were hoping to recruit to our ragtag gang of misfits. I exited the stairwell and two henchmen began rushing toward me with baseball bats at the ready. I shoot the first with a shotgun blast and whirl around to catch the second just before he entered lethal range. The armed guards in the next room hear the shots and I can see them begin to navigate the room toward my position … Read More

IMO: Best First Person Shooter

As long as there are video games, there will be first person shooters. The genre has carried video games on its back for years now, dragging the medium towards new heights of cinematic splendor and visceral action. Shooters sell the most, they cause the most controversy, and they gobble up countless hours as digital gladiators duke it out in myriad online arenas. It’s a categorization that includes the breakneck action of Doom, the sci-fi scope of Halo, and the secluded exploration of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Here are the games that we believe are the very cream of the FPS crop. Whittling it down to these picks … Read More