Listen Along: Boredoms – Super Ae

1) Super You : WELCOME TO THE MACHINE : OH GOD IS THIS MUSIC? : What is happening? What is going on? : LOUD NOISES : And so it was that the universe was created. : Did someone leave the fax machine on overnight? : The Earth’s crust cooled. : GUYS THAT WASTES INK : SO THIS IS WHAT COMPUTERS HEAR 24/7 : I think it’s jammed… : AOL had some problems connecting to the internet. Oh hey! Guitars. : Just gonna hold this old 98 Mac up to an amplifier for a bit. Don’t mind me. : DON’T WORRY … Read More

A Forest of Stars – Beware the Sword You Cannot See

Have you ever thought of putting a dramatic audiobook reading over melodic metal music? If you answered yes to that question, you and the band A Forest Of Stars are on the same wavelength. If you answered no, then get with the program. Expand your mind. In a more detailed description that is a bit less hyperbolic, A Forest Of Stars is a melodic metal group (possibly labeled as progressive metal as well) that features growled vocals mixed with spoken word parts strewn about, many power chords, keyboards to set the mood, and violins. The album itself, Beware the Sword You Cannot See, comes … Read More

IMO: Best First Person Shooter

As long as there are video games, there will be first person shooters. The genre has carried video games on its back for years now, dragging the medium towards new heights of cinematic splendor and visceral action. Shooters sell the most, they cause the most controversy, and they gobble up countless hours as digital gladiators duke it out in myriad online arenas. It’s a categorization that includes the breakneck action of Doom, the sci-fi scope of Halo, and the secluded exploration of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Here are the games that we believe are the very cream of the FPS crop. Whittling it down to these picks … Read More

Let’s Talk Destiny

Tucker Phillips: Hold square to talk about Destiny. IT IS. YOUR DESTINY. Kyle Matthews: You mean hold X, to sum up the campaign. Step one: Go here. Step 2: rule of three. Step 3: ??? Step 4: Profit. Michael Frett: You forgot “smart quip from Ghost*” *No relation to Guilty Spark or Covenant Ghost TP: So yeah, Destiny has some problems with how it…is. But maybe we should start off with what it could have been. The Destiny in our minds. So Destiny is the first non-Halo game from Bungie Studios since they parted ways from Microsoft, no? They were … Read More

Dream Theater – Dream Theater

After eleven albums and twenty eight fantastic years you would think Dream Theater would be out of ideas and out of the game, but as shown in their self-titled 12th album they are still at the top of their craft.  The album is over an hour long but flies by in what feels like no time at all.  The interesting thing is that each song can conjure up memories of old Dream Theater songs but still have a uniqueness that makes them totally different.  “The Enemy Inside” has a similar sound to “Strange Déjà Vu” and “Home” out of Scenes … Read More

Avenged Sevenfold – Hail to the King

It’s been a while since Avenged Sevenfold put out their self-titled album (roughly seven years).  Since then Avenged Sevenfold has lost one of its founding members, drummer James “The Rev” Sullivan, to an overdose and recorded a horrible mundane album in 2010 featuring ex-Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy.  So when they put out a new album Hail to the King I thought it was going to be just as bad as Nightmare, their previous album.  I was quite surprised when the opposite happened. The album from the beginning has a similar sound to a mixture of Metallica’s black album and ... Read More