Club 8 – Above the City

In the true spirit of the spring season, Club 8, an indie pop outfit from Sweden, has molded the perfect springtime album, Above the City.  The vocals and backing orchestration has a sort of lightheartedness that is severely missed in most modern music.  The sound is fresh and interestingly diverse so as to not seem formulaic and mundane, which in today’s music market is really quite a feat.  Above the City is the perfect amount of indie uniqueness and pop beats, which are well sought after in today’s music (at least for me). I think the best part of the ... Read More

Majical Cloudz – Impersonator

I’m not sure what Majical Cloudz was going for when they put together their album Impersonator but what it sounds like to me is a horrible mash-up of bad boring synths and unimpressive vocalization.  Impersonator is like your cousin came to you and said, “Hey, I got a keyboard for my birthday look what I can do” and then proceeds to push the cheesy synth sample button and sing mediocrely.  The entire album seems to be lacking a good platform for the vocals.  On the song “Bugs Don’t Buzz” the background synths are merely just a couple of notes being ... Read More

Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

I’ll be honest; I don’t ever purposely put on house or dance pop. Whenever I hear it though, I dig it. How can you not, as Justice said, “D.A.N.C.E.”? But I’ve never taken it too seriously. And I take music “obnoxiously” seriously, as some of my friends put it. One of my friends from grade school burnt me copies of “Homework” and “Discovery” a few years ago. I only ever played them when we would drive around town, bored as hell and hyped up on Daft Punk’s signature robotic funk. –“Another time around this block?” –“Yeah, one more time!” When ... Read More

Escape the Fate – Ungrateful

Escape The Fate’s fourth album shows many changes, like adding rhythm guitarist Michael Money (brother of lead guitarist Monte Money) and replacing old bassist Max Greene with TJ Bell.  The lineup changes seemed to not have much effect on this album, which probably has to do with the lead guitar and the drums being the main strengths previous albums.  Ungrateful seems like their attempt to revert back to the acclaim of their first album, “Dying is Your Latest Fashion.” The first portion of the album is perfect: it has great back-up vocals, drums, and lead guitar which weave together to ... Read More