Michael’s Favorite Songs of 2016

Music is fun! This is what I’ve told myself these past few years at Hearing Double, in between bouts of prolific writing and the dry spells of Springsteen and Kanye, and this is what ultimately brought me back to the Hearing Double fold after another school induced drought. That, and the prospect of sharing my amateur musical opinions with a handful of complete strangers. Speaking of which… List season has basically passed, but I have a couple albums and songs I’d like to share with the hope that someone out there can find something they might have overlooked, or maybe … Read More

Michael’s Favorite Albums of 2016

HONORABLE MENTIONS A noisy, bustling mess of guitars meant to be heard loud.  Anyone else remember Maggot Brain?  Awkward teenage guitar rock, how I missed you. *heavy breathing* No, Patrick, the dishwasher is not an instrument either. 11. Sheer Mag – Sheer Mag III Am I talking through nostalgia with this pick? Probably! You see, there’s this messy bar rock tone I grew up on, with smutty guitars and romantic clichés, that I love. You might recognize it when you hear “The Boys Are Back in Town” for the umpteenth time. You might recognize it from those years of Guitar … Read More

Kinoko Teikoku – Ai no Yukue

The internet has made the act of finding music a lot easier, but it is more of a repository than it is a guide or an informant. Unless you’re willing to put in the hours, it is very easy to bypass oodles of very helpful data without even knowing it exists. You can flit through youtube videos of ethiopian pop music for hours, but you’re not going to get the vital context that goes with it unless you pursue that information yourself. It is terrifyingly easy to treat the internet as a limitlessly vast, incredibly shallow pond I mention this … Read More

2 8 1 4 – 新しい日の誕生

I can’t pretend to understand vaporwave. I was but a wee highschooler (I think?) when anti-consumerist cyberpunk suddenly became a musical genre. My ears were tuned to guitars and southern drawls, not the ironic samplings and conceptual snippets of glitched-out chillwave. As of 2015, I only somewhat understand the forced Japanese by decidedly not-Japanese artists, or the Windows 98 worship pinned to the corner of a sky blue backdrop. I’m also apparently late to the party – its own champions have been dropping the scene and declaring it dead for years now. But that “vaporwave” subtitle was distant to me when … Read More