Katy Perry – Prism

It’s been three years now since Teenage Dream was released and began its infamous steamroll through the charts that lasted well into 2012 (after it was reissued, of course). With five number one singles on the charts, the destined follow up had a big set of heels to fill (heels because, you know, Katy Perry). Unfortunately for Katy Perry, Teenage Dream’s follow-up, Prism, isn’t exactly a bold pop statement like those that contemporaries like Lady Gaga are pushing for. Fortunately for Katy Perry, however, Prism contains many of the catchy hooks and radio-friendly ballads that’ll definitely keep her streak in ... Read More

Dirty Heads – Home Phantoms of Summer

Imagine lying on a beach. There’s salt in the air and short waves rolling onto the shore. The sun’s high – but its warmth covers rather than bombards. Nothing but the waves and seagulls can be heard. It’s the calm of a paradise, where one can lay back and breath. The pressures of life are lifted – if only for a short moment. This is that moment of Zen that Home | Phantoms of Summer: The Acoustic Sessions, the latest release by reggae act the Dirty Heads, looks to achieve. And with sandals on the feet and acoustic guitars in … Read More

Arcade Fire – Reflektor

Recently, I reviewed – in a short blurb – the latest release by Arcade Fire, Reflektor. At the time, I gave it a six out of eleven. Not because it was a mediocre album, but because I had no idea what to make of it. It was an album of ups-and-downs, lifted by successes yet riddled with missed chances. Yet, with Reflektor, there’s no denying that Arcade Fire looked to make an album huge in sound and ambition. Musically, Reflektor travels all over the board. Disco reigns on many songs, most notably on the album’s title track. Haitian music also … Read More

Arcade Fire – Reflektor

—————— Reflektor is the 4th album by Canadian indie-rock band Arcade Fire. It was produced by LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy and finds the band incorporating elements of reggae, ska, and funk music into their usual sound. In addition to some forthcoming full reviews, we got the entire Hearing Double staff together to discuss the double album on a track-by-track basis below. —————— 1) Reflektor  Tucker Phillips: I feel like this is the most obviously LCD Soundsystem-inspired song on the album. It’s, ya know, funky. Jackson Scott: Yeah. Funky is a good word. TP: 2013 is the year of the disco. … Read More

Motorhead – Aftershock

Back in Middle School, I’d have to say my favorite style of music was hard rock. A friend of mine had introduced me to AC/DC and Metallica and I ran with it, eventually coming across other bands from that era. Before long, that “hard rock” thing stuck with me. Because of this, I make sure to pay attention for upcoming releases from these guys – eagerly looking forward to the guitar riffs, blues-licks, and lightning solos that I fell in love with so long ago. As such, I made sure a copy of Motörhead’s new album, Aftershock, found its way … Read More

Paul McCartney – New

Chalk it up to the veganism, but Sir Paul McCartney’s musical lifespan continues to stretch far past the expected limits. Set date of birth at “Love Me Do” in ’62, and you’ve got a career stretching comfortably past the 50 year mark. What’s surprising then isn’t that McCartney still has interesting things to say musically, but that he’s got music left to share at all. New is his 17th studio album, and that excludes his work with The Beatles, Wings, and electronic side-project The Fireman, as well as his live albums and his classical work. The man just does not ... Read More

Pearl Jam – Lightning Bolt

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love Pearl Jam. In fact, they’re one of my favorite bands. There’s something about a band that can change their style mid-show – one minute, they’ll be powering through the fist-pumping finale of “Alive,” and two minutes later they’ve already finished the one-minute punk-rocker “Lukin.” It’s a unique talent that only a few bands have, and Pearl Jam is definitely one of those bands. Live, this is one of their greatest strengths. Unfortunately for their latest release, Lightning Bolt, it’s a curse – the only thing keeping it from being a truly ... Read More