Leonard Cohen – Popular Problems

There’s something fascinating about the trajectory of Leonard Cohen’s sound, from his beginnings in cloister folk to his slick, holistic present. The guarded, crepuscular chamber that yielded masterpieces like Songs of Leonard Cohen and Songs Of Love And Hate has been renovated into an open, Corbusier-like cell, with every facet of the facade designed to meld the artificial and natural into one whole. Cohen’s latest album, Popular Problems, is a continuation of the new approach of Old Ideas: an album that echoed both the telluric wisps of his early folk days and the ferric pliancy of his 80s synth work. ... Read More

Jenny Lewis – The Voyager

The story would go: “six years after releasing Acid Tongue, and four years after releasing I’m Having Fun Now with her boyfriend Jonathan Rice, Jenny Lewis has come back with another set of pert, luscious, sun dappled songs. Touched by both autobiography and history (as has been extensively covered by other publications respectively) this set of tunes reaffirms Lewis’ status as beloved singer/songwriter and pithy smithy of stories. Brava, Lewis. 7/11” But that’s not the whole story. True, there’s much stake in the autobiographical elements of The Voyager, which Lewis has talked about in Paste and The New York Times—centerpiece “Late Bloomer” … Read More