Metal Gear Solid V: A Metal Gear for a Modern Age

Metal Gear Solid V:  A Metal Gear for a Modern Age I’ve had about 3 moments per mission in Metal Gear Solid V where I’ve thought “man, I wish I was recording this.” Of course, that’s always been true for the Metal Gear Solid series, obsessed as it is with sheer absurdity and surrealism. The older games are different though, their craziness encapsulated. The moments you end up wanting to share with others are cutscenes. The youtube videos that get passed around aren’t the ones showcasing gameplay, they’re the ones where dialogue is exchanged and shit hits the fan in extremely cinematic ways. V … Read More

Soft as Snow: A Beginner’s Shoegaze Playlist

Shoegaze is the eye in the center of the storm. A typical song in the genre will create a whirlwind of guitar noise and thunder, as loud as anything else, and then somehow find a cozy corner of that hurricane to chum around in. The boundary lines between shoegaze and other genres are constantly blurring and being redrawn, but it’s easy to get a feel for the “shoegaze sound”. Here are 15 songs that have helped make me the lifelong devotee I am today.  

Muse – Drones

Muse inhabits its own world, where high-art is a bloody pulp and subtlety is a 2x4 across the head. They churn out monster guitar riffs and sweeping hooks like an apocalypse-minded, nu-metal U2 (we shall call them Nu2), channel technophobic dystopias like a comic book Radiohead, and pen musical novels running an intellectual spectrum of The Wall to Kilroy Was Here. And Drones might be the Musiest album Muse has thrown together in a while, complete with hooks like “I’m a fucking psycho!” and “Dead inside!,” all while Matt Bellamy throws everything from Van Halen to U2 into a melting ... Read More

Listen Along: Boredoms – Super Ae

1) Super You : WELCOME TO THE MACHINE : OH GOD IS THIS MUSIC? : What is happening? What is going on? : LOUD NOISES : And so it was that the universe was created. : Did someone leave the fax machine on overnight? : The Earth’s crust cooled. : GUYS THAT WASTES INK : SO THIS IS WHAT COMPUTERS HEAR 24/7 : I think it’s jammed… : AOL had some problems connecting to the internet. Oh hey! Guitars. : Just gonna hold this old 98 Mac up to an amplifier for a bit. Don’t mind me. : DON’T WORRY … Read More

Why Splatoon Does and Does Not Matter

Splatoon, Nintendo’s first real foray into the online shooter market, is the most important game the company has made since Wii Sports. It’s a game that matters. I don’t believe this to be true just because I think it’s a fantastically made game, which I do. I think it matters because it’s a game that, through excellent design, actively teaches the player how to play shooters in a competitive fashion. It is very much a kid’s game, but it never dumbs itself down. Rather, it constantly pushes the player to strategize and collaborate. It’s a game made to be grown … Read More

The Witcher 3: Opening the Door to the Next Gen

If The Witcher 3 has proven anything to me, it’s that video games will continue to be video games. The Witcher 3 is a game that truly tests the limits of what developers can do with the medium, pushing known limits of fidelity and detail. It features a sprawling, hand-crafted environment that would make earlier consoles blush. It juggles weather and crowd and combat systems like they’re perfectly grippy tennis balls. It features facial animation that looks lifelike without being creepy (a la LA Noir). It has pushed the notion of a traditional RPG to its limit. Despite all that … Read More

Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy – “Sintetizzatrice”

When I was working the third shift, my sleep schedule became more of a sleep battle. I’d bike home at 6 in the morning, just as the sun was beginning to rise, and then have to somehow sleep for 8 hours while the world did its daily thing. Birds would chirp, roommates would bustle, garbage trucks would clang and hiss. It was a nightmare. I took to listening to podcasts at low volumes. If I set the sound as low as it would go, all the dialogue became a wonderful, inconsistent thrum. It’s similar to the sensation I sometimes get … Read More